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This is an archive blog where you can find picspam, gifs, promotional stills and screenshots of NCIS: Los Angeles episodes and scenes. You can browse seasons and episodes. Everything is multi-tagged for your convenience. You can submit you own work (or link). Ask us anything!!

Warning: This is not a spoiler free blog. Anything from new episodes will be posted the day or two after an episode is aired. You have been advised. Follow on your own risk.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything relating to NCIS: Los Angeles. All art will be given their rightful credit (to the person who posted it). Any art made by me will be stated. All promotional pictures are property of CBS. No infringement intended.

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eveningflares   200 09.23.14

"Shouldn’t have said that…big mistake."

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belamyclarke   762 09.23.14

"You grow with the person you love, you learn to match their rhythm and they match yours. Your suppose to change, but not because they asked you to, but because you wanted to."

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alittlelights   311 09.22.14

I’m just role-playing, Honey.

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wingsofnight   193 09.22.14

I’m glad our thing is working out. 

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